Ensure your business software is performing at its peak with quality engineering services from Stormatics.

Stormatics has a range of professional software engineers with experience in the white-box testing domain available to assist with enterprise class software. Stormatics works with your technical teams to review your code for functional correctness and are available to write test cases for comprehensive code path execution. Our white box testing service will provide your organization with deep insight into code optimization for increased output.

Excellence in software development and quality implementation starts right from the code. Businesses need to ensure that each implemented code path is both functionally accurate and adequately takes care of the change request. White box testing is a verification technique used by software engineers to test the precise knowledge of the internal workings of the code to ensure expected outputs.

White box testing covers a range of verification checks and code coverage analysis to ensure that internal structures of a software application are correctly coded, control flows work appropriately, data flows efficiently and required coding standards are being supported.

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